Airmont traffic Ticket , speeding and DWI Attorney

Airmont Village Traffic Ticket, Speeding and DWI Attorney Harold Dee .


Airmont Village Court
321 Route 59, Tallman, NY 10982-0578
Phone: (845) 357-3980


Harold Dee Attorney at Law, P.C. 1-800-Harolddee or 1-800427-6533

or locally 914-241-7963

New York State Thruway (I-87) generates most of the traffic ticket revenue for the court. Airmont Village Court should be near the Airmont Road exit.Court clerk is Renee Stala.

About the area

Airmont Village is situated within the Town of Ramapo. It is 14 mi from the Tappan Zee Bridge, and borders the villages of Suffern, Tallman, Monsey and Mahwah New Jersey. It is 30 mi. NW of NYC. In 1995, the US Government filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Village of Airmont for religious discrimination as a result from the Village Zoning ordinance prohibiting religious boarding schools in Airmont. This ordinance was passed when a Hasidic boarding school had planned to operate in Airmont.


Hon. Anthony J. Benedict and Keren Riley Acting Village Justice serve on the bench for Airmont Village Court.

Type Of Cases

Speeding tickets from the Thruway as well as traffic violations and DWI cases from Route 59 and the rest of the village.