Pound Ridge Town Court Traffic Ticket and DWI Defense Attorney Harold Dee.

Pound Ridge Town Court Traffic Ticket and DWI Defense Attorney Harold Dee.


 Pound Ridge Justice Court
179 Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge NY 10576
Phone: 914-764-3983 Fax: 914-764-3990

 Ira S. Clair, Town Justice

Regina Fogel-Kelly, Town Justice

Sonia Mercado-Jimenez, Court Clerk

Lavina Paschkes, Assistant Court Clerk

 This court has jurisdiction over crimes, traffic violations, small claims matters and landlord/tenant matters. Court is held Monday mornings at 9am. Once a month on a Monday there is an evening court session for Vehicle & Traffic Trials and Small Claims matters at 7:00 p.m. Parking is in front of the building.  Criminal Matters are prosecuted by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. Traffic Matters are prosecuted by the issuing officer.

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 9am – 4:30pm

New York DMV doesn’t care how many miles a year you drive. The Sunday driver gets the same point allotment that a taxi driver receives. The Driver Responsibility Assessment is another surcharge on individuals who operate vehicles in N.Y. Now, if you are unlucky enough to have been found guilty of at least six points, all issued within the same 18 months, there is a DMV surcharge of $300.00 payable at once or at the rate of $100.00 annually. Failure to pay will result in a suspension of your license to operate in New York State. This applies to out of state motorists as well. To add insult to injury, there is an additional charge of $25.00 per year for each of three years for each point exceeding six. For example, if one were to accumulate ten points, the annual surcharge would be $200 or $600 over the three years. Taking the Driver Safety Course does not result in a reduction of the surcharge.

Mr. Dee A Pound Ridge traffic ticket Attorney represents people charged with speeding, other traffic ticket violations and criminal offenses like DWI, AUO, (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation which means driving while knowing your license is suspended.), Operating a vehicle with a suspended registration (i. e., insurance cancelled), Vehicular Homicide or Manslaughter, and other criminal violations of New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law. Harold Dee understands the legal system and employs his knowledge and skills in order to present the right arguments and defenses on your behalf.

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